Sunday, 20 January 2008

FAF about with the feminists!

The following was sent to our googlemail address. Hopefully there'll be lots of profeminist men there (there'll certainly be two of us anyway!) Here's the email ...

You are invited to participate in the Feminist Activist Forum (FAF). We are having our next meeting in London on Saturday 26th January. It will be followed on the Sunday 27th by a Feminist History and Activism Training Day at The Feminist Library.

You can learn about FAF at . FAF has been evolving since mid-2007, this is the 7th gathering and we that already participate are keen to meet new faces and see how we can work together.

If you can please let us know (
- if you are thinking of coming so we can plan lunch
- and if you are part of a group/organisation/political network
- if you are going to need accommodation in London in order to attend so we can try and find you space.
- if you have accommodation - floor/sofa/bed - you can offer to any visitors.

PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED FLYER FOR FULL DETAILS. Please help us widen our network by forwarding it to your contacts and friends. A downloadable poster is available at .

Get in touch, either with me directly, or at, if you have any queries.

I look forward to meeting you and to combining our energies, skills and experience to enrich and further our struggles.

In solidarity,

on behalf of FAF

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