Monday, 1 March 2010

LPMG response to “Wake up to Rape” report

Responding to media reports about The Havens' report on British public attitudes to rape (see this link for a media article about it), the London Pro-Feminist Men's Group said:

Rape is never acceptable, and it is never the fault of the woman. The idea that a woman 'should know what to expect if she goes back to a man's house' is based on the idea that men cannot control themselves or are naturally driven to have sex at any cost. These lies serve to absolve men of responsibility for their behaviour but they do us no service. We call on all men to clean up our acts: in order to gain women's trust, we need to establish a record of decent behaviour, and to show no tolerance for any form of abuse of women.

For more information, contact londonprofeministmensgroup at, providing a contact phone number.


  1. Great work, as a male I fully support this brilliant and inspiring group.

  2. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say that you guys rock, and thank you for doing what you're doing. Especially for this.

    Janet Carter